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2 bedroom apartment for 4 people

Apartment details

Maximum People

Beds type

Apartment size 57m


This apartment with air conditioning in the living room, includes a sunny terrace, two bedrooms with two single beds in each of the bedrooms and a bathroom with a bathtub. The living room has a sofa and flat screen television. The kitchen is equipped with a ceramic hob, oven, microwave, small fridge, kitchen utensils, kettle, and toaster.

Towels and cleaning every 4 days and change of sheets every 8 days.

Free Wi-Fi.

In the common area there is a free laundry room for guests with a washing machine, dryer and ironing area.


Air conditioning in the living room

Large sunny private terrace

Small fridge

Kitchen with hob and oven





Free cleaning products

Flat screen tv

Satellite channels

Change of towels and cleaning every 4 days

Washer and dryer common area

Iron in common area

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